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  03/09/02 – The site starts.  I will be adding pics soon.
03/13/02 – Ten pics of the Chevy SSR uploaded.
03/14/02 – Links to those ten pics added!  Plus a guestbook and a bunch of other improvements.
03/16/02 – Camaro and Cavalier Pics added.
04/20/02 – Sorry about the lack of updates.  I've had nine Corvette Pics up here for over a month, but hadn't posted links to them until today.  Also added Update Archives and six Impala Pics.
04/26/02 – Uploaded nine pictures each of the Malibu and Monte Carlo.
05/11/02 – Made some visual improvements just to prove that I'm still around!  However, my files somehow got messed up, so I seem to have lost my counter and guestbook links.  I lost some other links too, but I replaced them.
05/21/02 – I'm working on a new site design and on an NFS cars section.  The preliminary page with ancient pics for those who are really interested is here.
06/08/02 – I've completed my first car for Need For Speed.  You can get it in the NFS section.  Also moved to Gizba.com and changed to the new design.  Some pages may be missing for a time until the entire site is transferred.
08/27/02 – Well, here we go!  Hopefully 50megs.com will turn out to be a better server than gizba.com…
09/17/02 – Having gained a working knowledge of HTML, I re-created my site with much more efficient and versatile code.  No more annoying "CoolPage" dialog boxes!
09/18/02 – Broadened the site to contain Dodges with pictures of the all-new Viper and Ram 1500.  Also added several pictures of the all-new Silverado, and some new Corvette pictures, making a total of 98 pictures!
09/20/02 – Say hello to another new make with the addition of thirteen pictures of various models of Porsche's 911 (996).
10/05/02 – Mercedes is here with seven 2003 SL-Classes!
10/08/02 – Added some more Mercedes with the CL-Class, plus Jaguar with some pictures of the XKR that I had forgotten about!  This update is being created during what appears currently to be some downtime on 50megs.com's servers, which means that it may not actually get uploaded until some time later.
11/09/02 – Had some free time for the first time in about two or three weeks and uploaded pictures of the new-for-2004 Cadillac XLR Roadster that have been on my hard drive for almost a month.
11/11/02 – The late Firebird is here!  One of the pics is of a '70s Bird, so be sure to check that beauty out!  I'm really amazed at how my visitor numbers have increased recently.  I was always lucky to get five or six visits a week, but in the last week it suddenly went up to about 55 hits per day!  Thanks to all of you who helped put the site past 500 visitors!
11/22/02 – Well, last time I updated I mentioned having hit the 500-visitor mark, and now here we are well over 1,000!  This update is pretty small as far as new cars; only the BMW M5 was added.  However, a major reorganization was done as far as the listings.  Having all the pictures on one page was becoming rather unwieldy, so I split them up into brands.  The complete listing is still available, at the bottom of the home page, but clicking on "Pictures" on the quick-nav bar will take you to the new brand list.  Of course, if you find any bugs, you should e-mail me.
11/23/02 – Added the Nissan 350Z, after seeing one this morning.
11/28/02 – Happy Thanksgiving!  My Ford-loving friends will be glad to see that I finally have a Ford up—the incredible GT40 concept, along with some historical pictures of that great automobile.  I also added a beautiful car with which many of my visitors may not be familiar—the Panoz Esperante.
12/09/02 – 2,000 visitors!  I've added the Mercedes G-Class.
12/12/02 – Added a variety of cars from BMW and Chevrolet, as well as a 1999 Ferrari F355 Spyder.  Be sure to check this yellow beauty out!  Also fixed some bugs.
12/14/02 – Added a large number of Fords, Dodges, and Chryslers; as well as a few Audis, a Buick, a Corvette ZR-1, and a Bentley.  There are now 297 cars on the site and the number of visitors has risen to over 2,500!
12/16/02 – Added several GMCs and some more Jaguars.  Be sure to check out that beautiful '95 Suburban with the Southern Comfort Package.
12/17/02 – Added a whole bunch of vehicles (see below). In particular, be sure to check out the '79 Porsche 911 and the '84 Jeep Scrambler—those are both beauties!  Such beauties, in fact, that I've put both right here on the home page, so you don't even have to go anywhere to see them!
12/20/02 – Added a bunch of new of Mercedes, as well as some Land Rovers and Lincolns and a few others.  Getting close to 3,000 visitors and 400 pictures!
01/09/03 – Added almost 50 more cars.  Be sure to check out the Mini Cooper S!
01/11/03 – Added a bunch more cars.  And to those academics out there:  yes, I know that is not how "Millenia" should be spelled.  Blame Mazda:  believe it or not, that was actually the official spelling of the name of the car!  If you don't know what I'm talking about, go look up "millennium" in a dictionary, and notice how many N's it has…
01/14/03 – Still more cars!  I actually got around to adding a new make this time:  Honda.
02/03/03 My thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of the astronauts who were so tragically killed Saturday.
02/06/03 – 60+ new cars!  There are a bunch here that are worth a look, but a couple that I particularly like are the 2000 Corvette and the 2000 Jaguar XJ8.
03/13/03 – Added 125 cars!  This will probably put my monthly bandwidth near the limit.  I have my eye on a new host, so hopefully by next month I'll be able to give you a backup site.  The NFS portion of the site will probably be moved completely, rather than mirrored.  As another milestone, I reached 10,000 hits!
03/29/03 – 20 more pics including a number of classics and exotics.  CarLuva's NFSWorld moved earlier in the month, as a few people have discovered.
05/31/03 – Well, no new pictures this time, even after such a long time with no updates.  Between getting a new computer, getting a job, and the end of my senior year (and all that that entails); I haven't been able to get any work done around here.  But graduation is next week and school is already out, so hopefully there will be more updates forthcoming.  For now, I just fixed some issues on the brand sub-pages and updated the blurb at the top of the home page, which was crying out to be replaced—it had hardly changed since the site started!
10/17/03 – Nearly 50,000 visitors?!  It's been a while!  Here's an update with some vintage Caddies.
10/20/03 – Some more great older cars, including the oldest car to grace the site yet—a 1939 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery!
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